Six Ring Circus


Let love in

Born from the meeting of five musicians coming from different horizons, Six-Ring Circus draws its inspiration from the jazz scene while opening up to the influences of the modern world. Through compositions and singular arrangements, the project boldly exposes its creativity and denies all stylistic boundaries.

“After 3 years of collaboration and numerous concerts, the group Six-Ring Circus releases its first album: Guided by the ambition to propose a personal music and free of any imposed figures, the quintet takes us to the discovery of its “Six-Track Circus”. A “hybrid” jazz which is not attached to the only branches of jazz, the pieces take roots in the fusion, the rock or the progressive music. Thus, improvisations, acrobatic melodies, rock riffs and atmospheric tracks intermingle as you listen. “

Célia Forestier : Vocals, FX
Baptiste Ferrandis : Guitars, FX
Elie Dufour:  Keys
Alexandre Phalippon : Bass
Elvire Jouve : Drums