The Périscope is a place dedicated to innovative music. As a concert hall, club, residence and rehearsal space and production office, its spaces invite all stages of artistic creation and promote proximity between musicians, audiences and professionals in the sector. Active in the field of jazz and improvised music, Périscope aims to offer a spontaneous experience at the heart of hybrid musical aesthetics and the creative process of musicians.


Le Péri

Original space of the creation of the Periscope in 2007. A club that lives every day, intimate concerts, cultural café, counter and conviviality space. A stage for concerts to be lived as close as possible to the artists.

Le Plateau

A work space dedicated to rehearsal, residency, creation and artistic initiation in the framework of cultural action projects. A residence and rehearsal space for artists.

La Cantine

Daily catering space. Musicians, producers, employees, volunteers and partners meet and eat together when they are at Periscope. A canteen that promotes the conviviality of the place and provides a catering service for events.

La Grande Scène

Opening in 2020. A stage at the heart of the artists’ creative spaces. A theater of innovative music for concerts to contemplate.

Les Bureaux de Productions

Offices and workspace for labels, touring companies, media, festivals and producers of accompanied music within the Lobster project. A shared workspace.

Les Ateliers

Meeting and training rooms, spaces open to professionals, for cycles of workshops and advice for the entire field of contemporary music. Work spaces to accompany project leaders.

Concerts & Cultural events

With more than 150 events throughout the year, the Periscope’s programming invites numerous audiences to experience a variety of musical experiences on a daily basis, depending on their intentions: on the intimate club stage, at the bar counter, or in front of the main stage. This is how local or international proposals, avant-garde or popular projects are articulated in a place dedicated to the coexistence of all these typologies. Beyond the concerts, there are also screenings, meetings, workshops and conferences that are organized in the framework of our cultural café, which invites the public to cultivate and grasp the issues of society.

→ How do I get booked ? How can I organize a show ?

Contact us exclusively at periscope.prog[at]gmail.com by sending us photo / video / sound / information about your project. Please do not attach any heavy attachments to your email and take into account the artistic line of our programming before making your request.

→ How I can propose a cultural event ?

As an association, a collective, an institution, we are available to host and organize events together at the heart of today’s themes and cultures. Contact Benjamin at periscope.communication@gmail.com

Creation and support

Throughout the year, Periscope accompanies the creative work of artists. Dedicated spaces, support systems, advice, residency projects, multiple tools and skills allow us to meet the needs of musicians to carry out their projects and to invest in the work of artistic creation..

You can follow up theses projects with the articles in the “Work In Progress” section

→ Do you need to work on a residence program ?

• Write us at : periscope.prog[at]gmail.com

→ Do you need some help in the construction of your project ?

Since the start of the new school year, Périscope has been offering Les Ateliers Lobster, a support program for people with projects in contemporary music living in the former Rhône-Alpes region. Free of charge, upon registration, these workshops cover various areas of expertise related to project management (communication / accounting / administration / international development / governance of structures…).

Find out more about les ateliers Lobster
• Découvrez notre volet ingénierie culturelle sur le site de notre projet Lobster.

Cultural Engineering

Since 2016, the Periscope has been investing in the work of supporting structures and the logic of collaboration between the actors. Since 2016, it has been carrying out its Lobster project, a cultural engineering cluster consisting of a production office, a cycle of support workshops and a network of skills specialized in the field of contemporary music. This component of activities comes to life in workshop spaces (meeting and training rooms) as well as convivial spaces that encourage exchange, collaboration and communication between producers, touring companies, labels and artists.

Visit our Lobster website

Let’s do this together

The Periscope is driving many projects with a rich variety of audiences, artists and professionals. These collaborations invite to form a real community around creation and to carry a system of solidary, ethical and responsible values.

We claim a culture that is open, inclusive and accessible to all. In this respect, we are vigilant about our reception conditions, we implement projects that generate creations and encounters for real cultural interactions and make our community aware of its direct impact on social issues.

You can follow and read more about our projects in our Culture Together topic.


The Periscope draws on the energy of its community and its local network to make contact with actors on the regional, national, European and international scene in order to contribute beyond its walls to the dynamism of innovative music. Thus, projects from various horizons are welcomed at Périscope as well as projects developed in other territories.




Contact us

Raphaël Dumont : periscope.prog[at]gmail.com
Steve Cook : periscope.bar[at]gmail.com
Régie Technique
Jean-Sébastien Dessaint : regie.periscope@gmail.com
Pierre Dugelay : periscope.direction[at]gmail.com
Edouard Lambert : periscope.production[at]gmail.com
Action Culturelle
Julie Gonzales : periscope.mediation[at]gmail.com

Projets Européens

Mathilde Sallez : periscope.abroad@gmail.com
Accompagnement & Ingénierie Culturelle :
Garance Amieux : lobster.lyon[at]gmail.com
Armelle Llop : periscope.communication[at]gmail.com