Possible(s) Quartet

Didier Michalet

Possible(s) Quartet has been making its way for 10 years now. Rémi Gaudillat, Fred Roudet, Loïc Bachevillier, and Laurent Vichard have set up their ”workshop of possibilities” to build dreams in the spirit of a poetic and chamber music fanfare – like a string quartet but with winds -, combining the sharpness of the brass instruments with the woody heat of the bass clarinet. A jazz work-shop with carefully crafted melodies and harmonies, on which the lyrical and expressive flights of the soloists take their full place. An ephemeral sound architecture that reveals all the alchemy of the timbres, their matter, their relief and their colors, sometimes intimate and melancholic, sometimes explosive and electrifying, in a joyfully disordered atmosphere. It boasts, it whispers, it sings, it whispers, it bursts, it blows. Behind it all is the undisguised pleasure of telling stories and the jubilant complicity of four musicians exploring all the possibilities of their instrument, in order to give voice to a music that speaks to all.


Rémi Gaudillat (trompette, bugle)

Fred Roudet (trompette, bugle)

Loïc Bachevillier (trombone)

Laurent Vichard (clarinettes)