Educative Alliance : Reconnecting with local middle school students

One year to meet

Since September 2021, Le Périscope has been working every Wednesday with around 15 social and cultural actors in the neighborhood to support young people in the Perrache neighborhood. It is about fifteen teenagers from the Jean Monnet middle school who have been identified by the educational and social actors as presenting certain behaviors of dropout with the school institution. The objective of this project is to create bonds, to accompany, to make discover places and people within different social and cultural structures. Since this meeting at the beginning of the season, we have been building a long-lasting relationship of trust with our partners and with the students, and we have thus been able to take the time to exchange, to get to know each other and to create together.

And here it is !

A video clip will be released this week and the young people will present it to their relatives and to the different partners of the project. A title which marks its originality, by navigating between the soul influences of the buttshakers and a text written by the young people. It is also a story thought and staged through the piece. We let you discover the result and appreciate its making-of!

As a result, the students were able to try their hand at composition! Writing, creating and performing a song, but also highlighting the song by creating a video clip. This work was made possible thanks to workshops led by Sylvain Lorens and Ciara Thompson (musicians from the soul group The Buttshakers) and Alice Masera and Bruno Belleudy (video production team Mlle Dou).

This project was made possible thanks to the many partners involved each week: Norbert Lamy, Louis Rigaud, Sabri Bouldemais (Conseiller Principal d’Education et Assistants d’Education du Collège Jean Monnet), Dimitri Valiau, Bernard Barral, Sofia, Gaëlle Bordel (Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon 2), Bernard Reynaud and Christophe Monnier (educators of prevention, Sauvegarde 69), Sophie Sacchet (Lyon municipal archives), Ludovic Seve (Musée des Confluences), Eva Lechartier (Centre d’Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation), Sabrina Saunière (Museum of printing and graphic communication).

But also by the financial partners: the SACEM within the framework of the Fabriques à Jazz, the Metropolis of Lyon (Culture pour tous, ALLIES), the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the city of Lyon.