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Un concert par et pour les lycéens

For several years now, Le Périscope has initiated a special event: a meeting between two high schools to organize a concert by and for high school students.  Around this concert, students from the Auguste and Louis Lumière (Lyon 8) and Saint-Exupéry (Lyon 4) high schools, their music teachers, as well as local artists and the teams of the Scènes de Musiques Actuelles de la Métropole (Périscope & Marché Gare) meet. Always a little incongruous, often full of emotions, and rarely without hope, this project marks an important time in the artistic awakening of the high school students. So, we wanted to tell you a little more about it and reveal the backstage of this year's concert. 

The preparation workshops

Prior to the date, the two classes of Seconde were divided into different organization poles (reception, coordination, technical, communication) in order to organize the concert from A to Z. Each session allowed the groups to evolve and learn alongside professionals in order to coordinate every detail of the future event. Supervised by the permanent teams of Le Périscope and Marché Gare, the students decided together on the organization of the concert: the price of the evening, catering, posters and social networks, sale of tickets beforehand and planning of the sound check.

The concert

When we arrived at the long-awaited date, everything was in place: badges and signage were ready, little hands were busy with the catering while others were doing the sound check on stage.

The Périscope hall fills up as it goes along and the laughter resounds. High school students work with the sound and light directors, then the lights dim, announcing the beginning of the festivities. The senior high school students open the ball with Odessey and Oracle. Then the students in music option of the 2nd, 1st and Terminale classes of both high schools present their 24 covers worked for the occasion. Some of them stay at the edge of the stage to coordinate the passage of the students with the most fluidity possible. In front of them, a full house of 240 people (friends, parents, families) contributed to animate this evening.


Odessey & Oracle

On the occasion of this concert, two senior classes had the opportunity to create a custom-made piece with the group Odessey and Oracle. A piece was composed in consultation with the musicians to be played at the opening of the concert ! 

A project realized with the support of the Région-Auvergne Rhône Alpes, in collaboration with the Saint Exupéry & Lumière high schools and the Marché Gare.