What happens when 10 brass bands come to Lyon ? Saint Marcel ! Brass Band Festival

For several years now, Le Périscope has been home to a brass band made up of real professional brass band enthusiasts: Marcel Frontale! A team of fanfarons who rehearse at Le Périscope and don't hesitate for a second to come and sound the horns wherever captains of atmosphere are required. With Marcels on their bodies and frontals on their foreheads, you're bound to have come across them in the streets of Lyon and beyond. But did you also know that Marcel Frontale had a taste for XXL parties? In fact, every year on Saint Marcel's Day, they organise a veritable brass band festival in Lyon.

Le Périscope & Marcel Frontale present: La Saint Marcel ♥ Fanfare Festival in Lyon.

A look back in pictures at the fifth edition of this open-air festival, in the streets, bars and concert halls of Lyon with the central point of the organisation: the Périscope. This is the venue for this year’s 80-strong line-up. It’s a place to eat, meet up, rehearse and organise parades. It’s a titanic task carried out with talent by the Marcel Frontale team, who welcomed brass bands from all over France to rock Lyon!

A watchword: conviviality

Over the two days, 10 brass bands took to the streets of Lyon. At each stage, the aim was the same: to make the sun shine wherever the music sounded. But it’s also about real moments of sharing, of emotions taking shape, moments when you meet people and can allow yourself to laugh and dance with strangers.

It’s a bit like all the people you’d like to meet in life. And you meet them with fanfare. It’s just too good.

The more the merrier

♫ Saint Marcel #5, a brass band festival organised by Marcel Frontale and Le Périscope, made possible by the presence of ↓

  • Coco Fanfare Club (Cocodisco cocoloré – Montpellier)
  • Fat Ducks (Funk électro débranché – Lyon)
  • FONC (Fanfara Obbligatoria Non Convenzionale – Milan)
  • Ktipietok Orkestar (Fanfare à déguster – Clermont-Ferrand)
  • La Grâce de l’Hippopotame (100% matière grâce – Paris)
  • Les Krapos (Fanfare amphibienne – Lyon)
  • Marcel Frontale (New Orleans sans manche – Lyon)
  • Tar’taraf (musique balkanique – Lyon)
  • Zouz Machines (Fanfare holographiquement écaillée – Lyon)

♫ With partners and venue :

Le Court-Circuit
Les Clameurs

Le Point Nommé
Le Caffe Bobar
Le Platypus

Le Marché Gare