Mardi Gro Bass Band

Lyon, France

Cooler than cool !

The Mardi Gro Brass Band, from the Lyon-based collective le Grolektif, is directly linked to the New Orleans carnival; a city where the tradition of brass bands meets that of clubs – a brass music, resolutely turned towards partying and dancing!
The Mardi GRO Brass Band thus offers a return to tradition, via New Orleans. All that’s left to do is “let the good times roll” as our Cajun cousins say!

Past related
Buck 27.04.2022
Thibaut Fontana (saxophone ténor, choeurs)
Sylvain Félix (saxophone alto et baryton, choeurs)
Manouche Fournier (trompette, chant)
Rémi Gaudillat (trompette)
Jean Joly (caisse claire, batterie)
Pierre Vadon (grosse caisse, piano, claviers)
Christophe Garaboux (sousaphone, basse)
Riad Klaï (guitare)
Jean Crozat (trombone)
Simon Girard (trombone)
Past related
Buck 27.04.2022