Music, drawings and imaginary animals between Ephad Smith and Gillibert School.

How to create a meeting between the residents of an Ehpad and the children of a nursery school? This is the question that the Périscope, a concert hall and residence in Lyon Perrache, has asked itself in its various projects with the residents of its neighborhood. That’s why its team has invited the artists of the Pince-Oreilles collective to imagine a meeting between drawing, storytelling and music between children and residents. A project full of humanity and conviviality however disturbed by the health period in the stages of its realization by preventing the pupils and the residents from meeting physically during a period. The Pince-Oreilles collective will therefore move between each establishment to launch an epistolary and artistic relationship between these two worlds, which this podcast offers you to follow. We let you listen to Anne, Maud and Pierre, the musicians of the project, or Coline and Maud, illustrator and storyteller, but also the whole team of the Ephad Smith and its residents, as well as the teams of the Gillibert nursery school and its pupils. A sound adventure in which to immerse yourself.

A creation supported and coordinated by Le Périscope.

By Watchdog et les animaux qui n’existent pas (Anne Quillier, Maud Chapoutier, Pierre Horckmans) & Coline Llobet (designer) – Collectif Pinces Oreilles With the participation of Marc G, Francine R, Régine R, Paul C, Bernard B, Micheline D, Yvonne G, Maria C, Geneviève P, Etiennette D, Andrée L, Danielle S, Agnès P, Annie B, Marie-Louise N, Renée C, Régine B, Salah L, Marie-Madeleine B, Claude B Jeanine J, Ginette R, Paule D, Amélie G, Christiane G, Diana L, Stéphanie B, Jean B, Mireille T, Suzanne T, Efrosini M And Dominique A, Caroline Residents of the Ehpad SMITH, Lyon 02 And the participation of Victoria AK, Melody B, Léonie B, Albane CF, Souheyl C, Luce D, Elyan D, Leyan EM, Raphaël G, Elliot G, Joachim G, Amina H, Nayel N, Elae M, Laurence M, Guilhem M, Eduart T, Swann C, Aurore F, Georges FO, Victor GY, Lilia L, Roxane L, Maya L, Jeanne RI, Jade WD, Harris X Emile A, David B, Nina B, Augustin C, Antonin C, Sophie D, Anae D, Noah LJ, Mariem M, Jeanne MP, Yafolo O, Naila O, Ilyes O, Jaidene O Zakaria RF, Edouard S, Morjyane S, Elio W, Hongzhe Z, Testimony A, Ayah B, Nour B, Maïa H, Isaïah H, Chloé M, Elie S, Jamal S, Alessio V Aliya B, Ihed B, Louna B, Carmen BS, Noham BB, Edwin C, Antoine C Evan C, Aglaé D, Robin F, Ulysse G, Giulia G, Nassim H, Yousra K, Raphaël M, Adel M, Thessalya M, Christivie-Makika M, Nina N, Adam R, Elijah S, Soulayman S, Julia S, David TL And Aïcha D, Mona B, Marie-Joao P, Audrey M, Séverine L, Ludovic Children and pedagogical and supervisory teams of the Gilibert nursery school, Lyon 02 With the support of the Culture & Health device (DRAC AURA, Région AURA, ARS).

Audio credits: podcast written and directed by Lucie Baverel.

Video credits : Mlle Dou Production.