Pili Coït


Il faut que ça gratte

Guilhem MEIER and Jessica MARTIN MARESCO, start in 2014 their new duo, which they named after a composition, “Billy Goat”, but pronounced with the Alsatian accent, because it’s much funnier, sharper, more evocative.
They already play together in the trio Icsis (pop-punk-electro) and the Grand Sbam (contemporary music ensemble). Guilhem plays in the world (Europe, Ethiopia, USA, Japan…) with Ukandanz (ethio-crunch music), Poil (progressive rock), Jessica sings in Mercurial (electro-pop), Saddam webcam (math-punk), Little Coquette (Old-jazz), and was part of the last Meï Teï Sho formula.

Their music is centered on the mix of their voices, orchestrated by a minimalist but essential instrumental formula; a set of percussion (bass tom, can, synth-drum) and electric guitar with pedal. On stage, Pili Coït reproduces the sound of sand after the orgasm with a drum, electric guitars, a synth-drum, a bass tom, pedals, and the mixture of their genres in the mouth.

Jessica Martin Maresco (chant, tom basse, bidon, synthé-drum)
Guilhem Meier (chant, guitare)