Kung-Fu fighting.

ICSIS was formed in 2006, under the impetus of Guilhem MEIER (Ukandanz, Poil…) and Jessica MARTIN MARESCO (MeiTei Sho, le Spang, Op.Cit…). The group is initially a sextet, with Alice PERRET (Lunatic Toys), Guillaume PERRET (Electric Epic), Ben Richou (Djazia Satour), Brice Berrerd and plays a kind of experimental contemporary jazz. Around 2009, ICSIS becomes a trio where the singer plays keyboard and/or bass, the drummer manipulates electro, and a guitarist. The music takes a rock turn, with an elaborate writing and a wild energy. They record their first album “Fuckiss” (Hard and Soft) in March 2013. In June 2016, they release “Pierre Vide Eau”, a concept album about kung fu animals, sung in Chinese and English. The band’s instrumentarium is getting more and more refined, with a guitar, drums, electro and the 3 voices. They also realize a video clip on “hu” (tiger). ICSIS tours regularly in Europe.

Jessica Martin Maresco (voix, percussion)
François Mignot (voix, guitare)
Guilhem Meier (voix, batterie, machines)
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