Bruno Ducret

Stéphanie Griguer

He is like many musicians of his generation inhabited by a multitude of different music. Raised in a family of musicians, he began music at the age of 6, and finished his studies in 2014 after passing through the conservatories of Montreuil sous-bois, Nimes, Montpellier, and the ATLA school in Paris. It is during this long course that he will learn the writing and the composition.

From then on, the groups multiply and diversify in his image, leading him to play notably with Louis Sclavis Juan Rozoff, Matthieu Metzger, Fred Gastard, Gerald Chevillon, Nosfell, Clément Janinet, Jean-Philippe Viret and in family with D’de Kabal, Marc Ducret, Hélène Labarrière, Jacky Molard and Dominique Pifarely.

He is now cellist and guitarist in several jazz bands such as Malboro Bled, Ouroboros, Lady M, La litanie des cimes and Komorebi, but he also devotes himself to chamber music with his string quartet Bayou, to traditional music with Jacky Molard, to Rock/Noise with Adolf Hibou and Grand Grand Trio, to Metal with Prix Libre and LEU MEUSSIEU, and to song with Connie & Blyde and Louis Guiyoule.

Finally, his desire to cross languages pushes him to get involved in other artistic forms. He worked with Laurent Poitrenau in the show Morse by Marc Ducret and Sarah Lee Lefevre as well as in the show Variations sur le modèle de Kraeplin by Davide Carnevali with Thomas Gonzales, Fréderic Fisbach and Joffrey Carey, and also with the dance company Christophe Haleb in Atlas/Fama and Dynamo and the dancer Jofe D’Mahl of the Collectif de l’Éternuée.

Bruno Ducret (cello)