We think you should meet Teis Semey.

He's as cool as his music

Selected as part of the Footprints project, the young Danish guitarist Teis Semey releases today a new album with his quintet after Where The Fence is the Highest (2019, TRPTK) and Throw Stones (2020, Loumi Records), two releases that allowed him to be identified before on the European jazz scene.  With Mean Mean Machine, the Teis Semey Quintet reconnects for the first time with its leader's Scandinavian roots, proving a flawless commitment to improvisation. An exciting musical program and an artistic freshness that is good to hear.

Image a quintet that looks like a collision.

It is worth noting that the quintet is all about collision: raw dynamics and avant-garde elements mix with indie rock energy and punk attitude, sometimes even with classical or meditative music. The love and passion for improvisation with which these musicians intertwine all these components strongly characterizes the band and it is certainly not for nothing that one can say that the quintet is one of the most exciting bands on the Dutch jazz scene at the moment.

Soon in Europe

Beyond the various recognitions and programming choices that bring the quintet to perform in several festivals and venues around the Netherlands, Tes Semey will also be engaged on a European tour in 2022 that will aim to experiment with more responsible and open ways of touring and circulating artists. This is the objective of the Footprints project, which accompanies young producers and musicians to build tours with them that pay particular attention to the social, ecological and economic impact of these essential activities for the artists.

For more infos, visit footprints-europe.com

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