What not to miss in jazz at the moment at Le Périscope

Luke Stewart “Silt Trio” : Washington in Lyon

Called “one of the 25 most influential jazz artists of his generation” by DownBeat, bassist Luke Stewart, a central figure in the Washington jazz scene, presents an agile trio with an athletic repertoire, composed of Warren Crudup III on drums and Washington DC saxophonist Brian Settles.

Without sticking to any particular stylistic convention, this trio shows a real coherence, between bebop and more free aesthetics, it offers the possibility to glimpse the music of these musicians in real proximity. A golden opportunity to capture the energy of the Chigaco scene today.

Ken Vandermark & Damon Locks: meeting at the top.

It’s the kind of encounter you don’t see every day. One is an improviser, saxophonist and composer who makes jazz sound like rock, noise and punk, the other is one of the figures on the incredible International Anthem label and has created a discography of spiritual jazz, film music and mystical music. Together they created this duo following a collaboration at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival in Chicago in 2020, and propose a totally figurative universe thanks to electronic sounds and the combination of samples with improvisation. Needless to say, the result is both beautiful and mysterious.

Lumpeks : roadtrip polonais

They drove through the Polish countryside in a car the size of a yoghurt pot. The car radio was frantically playing the FM band. At each stop there was a meeting with families, musicians and farmers to collect the essence of traditional music. The Franco-Polish quartet Lumpeks has used this material to invent a music at the crossroads of jazz and traditional dance music from central Poland. After a first opus very well received by the critics and the public, the group is back with a new repertoire – POLONEZ, collected directly from musicians during their various trips in the Polish countryside.

  • Louis Laurain (trumpet), Pierre Borel (saxophone), Olga Kozieł (vocals & percussion), Sébastien Beliah (double bass)

Obradovic-Tixier Duo: when the new scene takes its place in the sun.

The “Obradovic – Tixier Duo” is an original project born from the collaboration of French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic. A new sound forged by the meeting of acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, texts, narrative plots and loops mixed with different polyrhythmic layers and sophisticated harmonies. All this gear offers on stage to contemplate the complexity of the composition, while being carried by an intuitive music, which feeds on raw emotions.

  • David Tixier (piano, claviers, DSP, compositions) & Lada Obradovic (batterie, voix, percussions, glockenspiel, compositions)

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