Must See | Kunta answer a few questions during their residency at Périscope

Kunta tell us more about what their band is all about and how they need work hard during covid-19 crisis.

For a week the group Kunta squatted the Periscope to work on a repertoire that would confront the stage. Behind this time of work, some reflections on the group dynamics, the importance of the residency work and the group energy.

"If Kunta was a movie? Thinking about our new album I would say more like a post-apocalyptic film, but with a light tone. A road trip in the sunshine of fallen America, with the vestiges of capitalism... A mixture of nostalgia and failure."

"We're in residence at Periscope to adapt our new songs for the next live shows. We're preparing a new set by adding new instruments, integrating samples... It's really the excitement that best describes the residency we're living in, because we're getting out of our comfort zone, changing our sound...and it feels good to play again, after all this time in confinement."

"We're going through the crisis day to day like everyone else, so we're trying to enjoy it and play as much as we can. We did the containment separately, but as far as the band's activity was concerned it mostly meant delaying the release of the album. So we took this time to polish it up, that's the positive point of what we just went through. "

"Energy in Kunta"? I'd say it's mostly a warm energy! We were all buddies before it's not always easy to channel the bullshit. (laughs) But we rehearse regularly and we manage the work/rest ratio better and better to get the most out of this energy."