Stories | The years that made We Jazz records.

Yes We Jazz

Label, festival, collective, radio show and even record shop, We Jazz is spreading the influence of jazz made in Finland with a growing success. Their founder, Matti Nives, looks back on the highlights of their young but prolific history. 

The Year when it all started

“We Jazz as a concept and “brand” appeared first time in 2009 as a club night where we deejayed with my friend and sax player Timo Lassy, also inviting some guests. The festival started in 2013 and I think that’s when the people started to realise we’re here. Then the label came along in 2017 and the record shop last fall, 2019.”

The Year when things got real

“I think 2020, no wait, let’s postpone that into 2021… Seriously though, I think 2019 was our “realest” year so far with the festival, the label and the record shop in full effect. We hope to pick things up asap to keep developing so if anybody has any vaccine ideas, now is the time to get that done.”

The Year you felt very proud

“Just yesterday I received an email where two record shops I love very dearly wanted to highlight We Jazz Records in their shops, so that was a moment where I felt it. Also last Sunday when we did a live stream from the shop, I was super proud of the team making it happen so excellently. So perhaps I’ll say 2020.”

The Year you felt useful

“I think this is needed every year. Labels, festivals, record shops and other organisations need to be always useful and thinking about new ways forward. Then again, it’s not always so easy of course. But I think especially from 2013 when the festival started all the way up to now, some of the best feelings are when I can see that what we do is useful: 2013 onwards !”

The Years to come

“I remember telling someone late last year that “2020 will be a huge year for We Jazz”. So, you know… It’s not been what I thought (obviously!) but every day the team keeps looking forward and developing. I think we need to evolve all the time. It’s going to be even more natural than before to love what we do and to do it with passion. I’m looking forward to “the years to come.”

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