Raz Fresco, John Robinson & Figub Brazlevič


For this resolutely hip-hop evening, two albums will be represented: ‘Live Life And Tell Stories’ by John Robinson and ‘777’ by Raz Fresco, both produced by Figub Brazlevič.

Celebrating hip-hop and all its vitality through a European tour, that’s what LEGROSTASDEZIK, the media that talks about groove and culture, and Krekpek, a music production studio based in Berlin, have in mind.

tuesday 11 july 202321h00
Le Péri

Raz Fresco

Canadian rapper / producer from Brampton (Ontario) and member of the hip-hop collective Bakersclub (BKRSCLB). He is currently working with Figub Brazlevič on their album « 777 », which will be released at the end of July 2023 (the vinyl will be available exclusively on tour).Raz Fresco has worked with popular artists such as Raekwon, Pete Rock, […]

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John Robinson

The key to balancing the business and creative sides of hip-hop is to not separate them at all, and the product is a decades-long career as a creator, label-runner, educator, author and then some. For his current release “Live Life And Tell Stories” John worked together with Figub Brazlevic which came out on Vinyl April […]

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Figub Brazlevič 

For the last fourteen years now, he has been working and dropping music from Berlin- Moabit (and Zurich) – he has had a total of Twenty-seven years of experience. His inspiration comes from a variety of musical genres like jazz, funk, or soul, he is always open to collaborate with artists from all over the […]

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