Carte Blanche with Fanny Martin: Jet Whistle

In an interview a few months ago, we introduced you to one of our two prizewinners, Fanny Martin from TANDEM 2022/2023, our residency scheme for young instrumentalists.
For the evening of 12 July, we’re giving her carte blanche to plunge us into her world… She presents Jet Whistle.
This project brings together five musician friends, each with their own musical influences ranging from free jazz to hip hop, via Pierre Boulez. The quintet seeks out sound effects and electronic atmospheres. A lot of room is left for improvisation, and each musician has a great deal of freedom to play.

“Jet Whistle” is a contemporary music term for the flute, which can be likened to a heap of very strong breath.

  • Fanny Martin (flute and composition), Jules Regard (trombone), Pierre Louis Varnier (keyboards), Elvin Mikaelian (drums), Théo Fardèle (bass)
wednesday 12 july 202321h00
Le Péri