POP CLUB : Satellite Jockey + Alex Kacimi + Trumpets of Consciousness

Not one, not two, but three live pop-folk acts will be on offer at the POP CLUB. Make way for the party!

saturday 03 december 202221h00
Le Péri

Trumpets of Consciousness

Fickle pop with complex roots and multi-coloured flowers. Trumpets of Consciousness is a band created by Thibauld Labey in 2015. Trumpets of Consciousness recall the psychedelic traveller, the repentant Don Quixote, to a reconciliation with the beauty, noise and brutality of a reality still shrouded in dreamy wisps. Recorded in a week of autarky deep […]

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KACIMI will have taken advantage of the pop downturn of 2020-2021 to finish these demos, started for some in 2018. Oscillating between a synthetic and mellow pocket pop (Il fait si chaud ce soir EP), Wizz-like garage (A l’heure du Thé) and psychedelic pieces (Le Rois/ Visions), these tracks have the particularity of having been […]

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Satellite Jockey

Brest, 2011. Rémi Richarme records his first record by piling up random tracks on a computer. Convoluted pop compositions evoke his heroes Kevin Ayers, Pink Floyd, or David Bowie, in a Shoegaze cloud. His friends from the school of sound engineers help him to set up the first formula of SATELLITE JOCKEY which becomes a […]

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