Eclats d’ARFI

During this evening, ARFI invites 6 artists chosen for their singularities and their talent: Olivier Benoit (founder of La Pieuvre, artistic director of the ONJ from 2014 to 2018), Aïda Diop (Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp), Sean Drewry (grand8), Amanda Gardone (Frisette, Le UN Ensemble), Caroline Gesret (Résonance Contemporaine), Jessica Jargot (Le Théâtre Oblique, Compagnie Sagittarius A*) and Quentin Rollet (Nurse With Wound, Akosh S.).

Two additional performances will shake up the evening and make you lose your bearings between the subversive and the consensual: Jean Bolcato will come to sing and whisper love in the Italian way, while William Burroughs‘ outrages will be put through the mill by a very large band.

saturday 12 november 202219h00
Le Péri/Grande Scène
Free entry