The Monsters

Thank god, they’re back! Maltreated by a never-ending crisis, the Voodoo Rhythm house gets its head out of the water and sends its best ambassadors to rock the four corners of Europe…

Wild rhythms, murderous riffs and communicative good mood, the MONSTERS are since 1986 the master craftsmen of a trash-blues as wild as jubilant!

Authors in 2021 of their 8th studio album “You’re class, I’m trash”, it’s on a stage they’ve never been on before in Lyon (the Périscope) that we’ll find them on Friday December 9th… Unmissable !

friday 09 december 202221h00
Grande Scène

The Monsters

The Monsters were formed in 1986 in small-town Bern, capital of Switzerland. Their sound is afuzzed-out mix between 60’s garage punk, wild teenage trash rockabilly and primitive rock’n’roll.Its 187% no MTV and top 100 shit ! The actual lineup is guitar, bass and the so-called clonedrum:means 2 drummers with only 1 1/2 drums, hitting the […]

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