Saint Sadrill

Lyon, France
© Marion Bornaz

Ghost stories and and screams from forgotten landscapes

Heartbreaking songs in English carried by a welded sextet, animated by an atypical instrumentation and the joy of playing together. The concerts are an opportunity to couple electric energy with chamber music for the sole purpose of raising all the hairs on your body. Saint Sadrill was born as a solitary and electronic pop trip. A declaration of love for machines and orchestration in a joyful scramble of labels, evoking in turn lush new wave, lo-fi collage, raw r’n’b and sawtooth waltz. As for the Live Band, it was born from the refusal to offer an electronic concert, from the desire to make the compositions sound the opposite of their recorded versions.

Melissa Acchiardi (vibraphone, percussions, choeurs)
Lionel Aubernon (batterie, électronique, choeurs)
Lucas Hercberg (basse, choeurs)
Antoine Mermet (voix, composition)
Anne Quillier (clavier, synthétiseur, choeurs)
Vincent Redoux (guitare)