Lyon, France

VOCODER is the duo formed by Damien Grange and Antoine Mermet in 2019. What they have in common is that each of them regularly breaks down the wall separating sound from the rest, in both music and non-music groups. Antoine does it with CHROMB!, Saint Sadrill, le Grand Sbam, Alice Laloy, Guillaume Baillart, Nitsan Margaliot or in his solo Bouche Amplifiée. Damien performs with Rature, Marteau Matraque, l’Arfi, Bronzy Mc Dada and the ALS company. What they create together blurs the boundaries between radio, improvised music, performance and sound poetry. Their freedom is concentrated, funny, beautiful, moving, reassuring and, no doubt, a little bizarre. VOCODER release their debut album on 6 October.


Damien Grange + Antoine Mermet (voice, microphones, mixer, real-time)