Les Géants Terrestres


Le poids de la légèreté

Made up of a string trio and two keyboards, this new group will perform Anne Quillier’s new compositions.
A cry of love for these terrestrial giants that are trees, these precious, fascinating beings that are essential to the balance of life.
Les Géants Terrestres, intimate miniatures, is a window onto an orchestral world in the making, a return to the acoustic in resonance with Anne Quillier’s new group HIRSUTE, formed in 2020.
Les Géants Terrestres is the realisation of a childhood dream, to find oneself in the midst of strings with a whimsical keyboard, a unity of timbre, acoustic power, sobriety and particularly powerful expressivity. The curiosity of confronting an unfamiliar instrumentarium.
Anne Quillier has surrounded herself with a trio of personalities ready to experiment, correct and adapt to Anne Quillier’s certainly atypical and unconventional writing for this project.
Anne Quillier has also chosen musicians from a wide range of backgrounds. It is quite clear that one of the aims of this project will be to avoid any stylistic labels. It’s highly likely that this string quartet will sometimes play rock with a grunge sound…

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Attracteur Etrange 26.10.2022

Anne Quillier : claviers, compositions

Clotilde Fleury : violon

Fany Fresard : violon

Anaïs Pin : violoncelle

Charles Mathieu : son

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Past related
Attracteur Etrange 26.10.2022