No Tongues


Sound prisms

No Tongues explores this sensitive relationship to the world around us in a musical transposition, where we find questions about travel, the place of the individual, the consequences of his actions on the global, the presence in the world … It is an invitation to slow down time, to continue to imagine and dream, carried by the process of creation that is at the heart of the approach of No Tongues, always with the common desire to create an immersive and original music.

The DNA of the group allows it to consider its sound research through the prism of sounds from the everyday, the close, as a logical continuation of the previous grooves, to continue its evolution, its mutation. A renewed process in which the phonographic creation will take a new and fertile place, the objective becomes to make each concert a completely new and surprising moment, on stage as in the public. Another way to celebrate the “here and now”.

Ronan Courty (double bass, keys)

Matthieu Prual (alto et soprano sax, bass clarinet, electroacoustic device, resonators)

Ronan Prual (double bass, percussions)

Alan Regardin (trumpet, electronics)