France, Lyon

The “noise” branch of coax and Carton Records appropriates Berlin’s club culture and mixes it with video game soundtracks from the 80s. “Parquet” is a fantasy. To make the audience sweat on the dancefloor, imagined as a playful (video) extension of their latest adventures in the world of repetitive music. As a result, this tribal enterprise is experienced as an uninterrupted and radical dj-set where live and abrasive instruments replace turntables and vinyls. As if Pacman met Jeff Mills. – Mathieu Durand, Banlieues Bleues Parquet “horns” is the occasion to invite Antoine Mermet: saxophonist, vocalist, composer and improviser, he also uses machines and synthesizers in projects ranging from solo to orchestra. He co-founded CHROMB!, an electric quartet (Jazz Migration 2016 winner) that has played over a hundred concerts and released two albums. An improviser, he has performed with Toshimaru Nakamura, Emilio Gordoa, Olivier Benoit, Ute Wasserman, Renee Baker, Axel Dörner, Ernest Bergez (Sourdure/Kaumwald), Markus Pesonen, Adam Pultz-Melbye, Rieko Okuda, Antti Virtaranta…

Clément Edouard (électronique)
Jean-François Riffaud (basse, claviers)
Seb Brun (batterie)
Antoine Mermet (voix)