Bann Gayar

France, Lyon

Shaking up traditions.

The Bann Gayar project, proposed by Sébastien Brun, is based on the repertoire of the Reunionese Zanmari Baré, who wears a pure and soft, nuanced, minimal maloya, in the service of a powerful voice. The ambitious blend of this traditional music with the more experimental universe of the metropolitan people remains turned towards trance and bewitchment from which it takes its roots.

Zanmari (voix, kayamb)
Stéphane Gaze (choeurs, percussions)
Mickael Talpot (choeurs et percussions)
Clément Edouard (traitements électroniques et électro-acoustiques)
Adrien Amey (saxophone)
Julien Rousseau (cuivres)
Seb Brun (batterie et électronique),