Du Vent dans les Cordes | Payen, Ducret Hélary & Pifarély

Laurent Poiget

In 2021, Baldwin En Transit was born, an ensemble of 3 poets (Jamika Ajalon, Mike Ladd and Tamara Singh) and 4 musicians, to celebrate and extend the work of the inescapable Afro-American author James Baldwin.
For Du Vent Dans Les Cordes, the musicians meet as a quartet, without texts and without voices, to transform the musical material concocted by Stéphane Payen and present it in a completely different form. Far from the rhythmic bubbling of his other groups such as Thôt or The Workshop, the saxophonist offers us a finely chiseled music, a small chamber orchestra with surprising lyricism.

Stéphane Payen (saxophone, composition)

Marc Ducret (guitare)

Sylvain Hélary (flutes)

Dominique Pifarély (violin)