DEUX PLACES : Pasquier & Coronado


Just the two of us

The clarinettist Élodie Pasquier and the guitarist Gilles Coronado present their new duet “Deux places”, the result of a common composition work where acoustic timbres and electric sounds mix. A contemporary writing made of disjointed notes, short resonances, zigzagging phrasing where woody and metallic contrasts are expressed. Contrasts that reveal themselves to us gently, in a clever mix of writing and improvisation. The voices of the two instruments intermingle, their phrases wander, find each other, move away, get closer, are sometimes in unison and then melt into each other. A fascinating balancing act from which springs a chamber music both rebellious and intimate.


Elodie Pasquier (clarinette Bb, compositions)

Gilles Coronado (guitare électrique, compositions)

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