They drove through the Polish countryside in a car the size of a yogurt cup. The car radio was frantically playing the FM band. At each stop a meeting with families, musicians and farmers to collect the essence of traditional music. The Franco-Polish quartet Lumpeks has used this material to invent a music at the crossroads of jazz and traditional dance music from central Poland. After a first opus very well received by the critics and the public, the group comes back with a new repertoire – POLONEZ, collected directly from musicians during their various trips in the Polish countryside.

Louis Laurain (trompette), Pierre Borel (saxophone), Olga Kozieł (chant & percussions), Sébastien Beliah (contrebasse)

At 8pm as part of the Joli Mois de l’Europe: visit Le Périscope and presentation of cooperation projects set up at Le Périscope in collaboration with various European arts scenes.

This concert is part of the Footprints project, co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe program
tuesday 30 may 202321h00
Grande Scène
8 / 10 /12€


Lumpeks is a polish slang word for second hand shop for clothes. The music of this band takes its source as well from melodies which belongs to unknown owners. From this anonymous legacy, Lumpeks is inventing a musical  encounter between traditional music from Poland and jazz idioms: hypnotic rythms from mazurkas meet the powerful expressivity […]

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