At the initiative of saxophonist Henri Peyrous but conceived collectively, this quartet places itself, in an undeniably successful way, in the prolongation of the aesthetics of Steve Lacy. Two saxophones (or flute), that of the leader and that of Léa Ciechelski, find the colors and the freedom that this American musician, long installed in France, and initiator in his way of a resolutely modern jazz, had developed. From personal compositions of the four members and a reinterpretation of a piece of Tony Malaby (another atypical musician of the American continent), the quartet installs a climate out of the beaten tracks.

Composed of Henri Peyrous (soprano sax and clarinets), Léa Ciechelski (alto sax and flutes), Julien Ducoin (double bass) and Florentin Hay (drums and glockenspiel), the group reveals a sense of space, sincerity and expressiveness at every moment.

wednesday 08 june 202221h00
Le Péri
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Between spaces of explorations and spontaneous proposals, Prospectus is oriented towards the creation of a repertoire of original and collective compositions. At first listening, Prospectus captivates by its fervor and its refined aesthetic. Their music is full of vitality and uncompromising lyricism. With them, a sense of space, sincerity and expressiveness prevail at every moment. […]

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