Brandon Seabrook Trio

Moving from New York to Detroit, Brandon Seabrook’s trio comes alive around three of the freest creative minds around. Between banjo mix, including banjo in the mix, and with lots of rhythmic combinations, ululating sounds and a vast visionary musical imagination.

With Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Cooper-More (diddley bow) et Gerald Cleaver (drums).

monday 16 may 202221h00
Le Péri
10/12 €

Brandon Seabrook Trio

From New York to Dretoit, the trio is composed Brandon Seabrook himself as well as Cooper-More and Gerald Cleaver. They offer powerful work focused on the juxtaposition of hallucinatory soundscapes, leaps, angular compositions, humor and a massive dynamic range that can change in a nanosecond. Brandon Seabrook‘s trio will present « The Swarm« , their new and […]

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