KCIDY + Raoul Vignal

In mid-February we will host an evening where the nostalgic indie pop of KCIDY and the intimate folk of Raoul Vignal will bring a touch of the dream: people dance and morals are softened.

wednesday 15 february 202321h00
Grande Scène
8 / 10 / 12 €


Pauline Le Caignec a.k.a. KCIDY is full of paradoxes: born under the sign of the in-between, third of five siblings, between the city and the countryside, the Rhône Alpes region and Brittany, Pauline is crossed by apparently contradictory desires but has always refused to choose and this is what makes the richness and complexity of […]

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Raoul Vignal

Born in Lyon, Raoul Vignal began performing solo at the age of 20. In the course of his live performances, he weaves a delicate and harmonious universe, an intimate folk where his guitar playing (finger-picking and alternative tunings) enters into a subtle resonance with his soothing singing. He left his hometown at the end of […]

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