Dis, t’as pensé à éteindre la radio ?


Radio live & love by Annabelle Brouard and Olivier Minot: using archive material, micro-trotters, stories, parodies, documentaries, music and sound games, two radio lovers talk about love stories on the radio, in the radio and on the radio…

monday 27 may 202421h00
Le Péri
ticket office opening 20h00

Annabelle Brouard

Trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre, it was at France Culture and Arte Radio that she explored different approaches to radio documentaries (Traverser les forêts by J. Bordas – Les fantômes de l’hystérie by P. Chanu – Grande Traversée Louise Michel by J. Perrignon – Un podcast à soi […]

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Olivier Minot

« Half man, half transistor », this radioman cobbles together programs on cassettes at school, then on associative frequencies (Tropiques FM, Radio Néo, Radio Canut…), on private airwaves (Ouï FM, Sun FM), and public service (RFI, France Culture). For 10 years, until June 2018, he ran the sparkling Mégacombi on Radio Canut in Lyon, which won the […]

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