Les mécaniques du souffle

Jeune public

1 trumpet, 2 computers: or how a brassy pipe meets machines to create unheard-of soundscapes that the listener discovers on a singular journey. It’s a journey that begins with robots and the soundtrack of an urban world, and moves on to other horizons that gradually unfold.
Acoustic and electronic sounds blend, transform and reinvent each other to create a cross-cutting music, sometimes written, sometimes improvised, hypnotic, rhythmic and repetitive at times, open and contemplative at others.
These three pioneering musicians like to provoke surprise and discovery by playing on contrasts and climates. They join forces to imagine a universe where poetry allows a different view, and into which the audience insinuates itself in various forms to enrich the sounds of the concert.

From age 9

wednesday 24 april 202414h00
Le Péri