Olivier Minot

“Half man, half transistor”, this radioman cobbles together programs on cassettes at school, then on associative frequencies (Tropiques FM, Radio Néo, Radio Canut…), on private airwaves (Ouï FM, Sun FM), and public service (RFI, France Culture). For 10 years, until June 2018, he ran the sparkling Mégacombi on Radio Canut in Lyon, which won the 2016 SCAM Discovery Award.

Reporter for the program Les Pieds sur Terre (France Culture) since 2008, Olivier Minot is also producing an autobiographical and sound trilogy for Arte Radio, combining personal narrative, political commitment and a passion for radio: the tribute to Daniel Mermet’s legendary program Là-bas si j’y suis plus won the Longueur d’ondes prize in 2014. La révolution ne sera pas podcastée (2016) won the Prix Italia, the trilogy ending with 2017 n’aura pas lieu.

For the next 4 seasons, he produced the wacky Dépêche! press review on Arte Radio, while writing shows combining radio and stage (Radio Bistan with singer Reno Bistan or J’étais déjà mort dans les années 80 with Silvain Gire). Today, he orchestrates Le Radio Show, En Léger Direct, a regular live podcast on Arte Radio, and co-produces the program La micro-sieste on Radio Canut.