Carton Records Releases : Tumulus + Rifo + Might Brank

Adept of authenticity and marginal proposals, Carton Records has been delivering for several years albums and projects that appropriate folk, experimental and electronic music to turn them into fields of experimentation as introspective as festive. For this evening, we will inaugurate the solos of Rifo, Emmanuel Scarpa and Rifo and Antoine Viard.

friday 07 january 202221h00
Le Péri
6/8 €


“Tumulus” is a saxophone solo. An amplified saxophone solo. This is also an underground architecture, built for the invisible, the memory and the becoming. This idea is developed in “Tumulus” music. The old saxophone sound is treated, triturated to turn into electric instrument whose sonorities send us into unexplored universe, disturbing maybe? “Tumulus” handle raw […]

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Might Brank

Might Brank is a solo for drums, percussion, voice, vocoder and electronics, which promises the discovery of a rather unusual music world. There is something deep and spiritual about this kind of trance which has its roots in medieval secular music, progressive rock and traditional music from the Far East. A propos Drummer and composer, […]

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Initiated from a declined repetitive gesture and caught in rebounding patterns, filtered by transistors, spaces interact in a sequence of raw, concrete and sometimes figurative organic matter. Like a very old mechanical, pneumatic, pre-synthetic music recorded by Boris Boublil, Oak Tree Studio, Montreuil. A propos Trained as a plastic artist and graduated from the Beaux-Arts […]

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