Transcendental groove

Zibeline creates its trad’.
Zibeline dances its jazz.

The careful compositions, inherited from the rhythmic and melodic originalities of traditional music from all horizons, are affirmed thanks to the virtuosity and inventiveness of the 7 instrumentalists.
The musical arrangements “made in Zibeline” make a mass of sound groove. The musicians draw their inspiration from it and serve a music that weaves its way between melodic lyricism, generous improvisations and dance trances.

Zibeline serves us a brilliant music.

Past related
Solar Ship 26.01.2023

Adrien Daguzon (tenor saxophone)

Félix Gibert (trombone)

Yann Le Glaz (soprano and alto saxophone)

Tony Miranda (electric guitare)

Nicolas Oustiakine (double bass)

Thomas Peyronnet (drums)

Régis Pons (trompet)

Past related
Solar Ship 26.01.2023