Solar Ship


Solar Ship was born from the meeting of Pierre Larrat, Franck Pilandon and Adrien Daguzon in the ranks of the Blackstone Orchestra.
Blackstone Orchestra, this Big Band and Collective from Clermont-Ferrand, a laboratory of musical experimentation on a large scale for 17 local musicians passionate about jazz.
Discovering strong musical affinities and a common passion for doodling, guinche and pyrotechnics, they decided to set up a project together to give free rein to their creative impulses.
Antony Miranda joins the adventure, and it is in spring 2019 that the group Solar Ship will play its first notes. The motto is given: “No restriction of styles, a band that plays, dances and transports”.

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Franck Pilandon (saxophones)

Adrien Daguzon (saxophones)

Pierre Larrat (sousaphone)

Antony Miranda (drums)