Sourdure invents the electronic grimoire of traditional music. Sourdure is Ernest Bergez. Active within several adventurous formations devoted to sonic experiments (Kaumwald, Tanz Mein Herz, Orgue Agnès), Ernest Bergez has been developing for about ten years a hybrid and idiosyncratic form of live electronics. Always looking for the potential flaw in the reservoir of known sound forms, he has fashioned a radical approach to composition based on the logics of collage and detour; violent encounter, incongruous combination, conflict of scale, asymmetry… Under the name of Sourdure, he tackles the immense wasteland of the musical and oral traditions of Auvergne to construct a composite music, deformed, beyond the margins, but strangely and solidly anchored in the present. He approaches this repertoire with a spirit of research, in what is akin to a total test: transformation of rhythmic patterns, tonal drift, declination of texts, mixtures of instrumentariums, but also revolution in his own ways of doing things. From original tunes, Ernest Bergez extracts a panel of characteristics: cadence, accentuation, harmonic color, micro-patterns, ornaments, to create new melodic turns. The song becomes an experimental object and the appropriation a form of writing.Biscornuous sound fiction, song with polysemic potential, in French or Occitan, each piece is an autonomous enclave with its own emotional microclimate.

Ernest Bergez (voix, violon, électronique, podorythmie)