Must Listen : Cellist french Stéphane Clor made a playlist to travail through strings

Cordes frottées : a carte blanche proposed to the cellist Stéphane Clor that we had welcomed at the Périscope with the group Nuits and back at the Périscope for his solo project on October 26th at the invitation of the Collectif Si. On this occasion we asked him to present his musical moods in a playlist. 

• A propos de cette playlist :

“”I offer a playlist of almost all strings strummed, classical and unconventional. Things that have been with me forever and things that are more recent.”

We discover a tribute to the strings that navigate between classical and more modern excursions. To the call of the great spaces and to the oversized emotions associated to the strings in classical and contemporary music, Stéphane Clor proposes us here to go rather in the details of the compositions and to observe in macro the emotions which emerge from it, in all intimacy.

with …
  • Les Poufs à cordes – Les_poufs_a_cordes_Sei Pas Facha De Ma Jounessa (Artense, A. Gatignol), Bourrée Du Merle (Corrèze, L. Peyrat) (album – la Trotteuse) 3’57
  • Masada String trio – Gazriel (album Azazel_ Book Of Angels Volume 2)
  • The ex and Tom Cora – Batium (album – Scrabbling at the Lock)
  • Tarzan & Tarzan – Le Soleil (album – Levure Velours)
  • Hildur Guðnadóttir – Elevation (album – Without Sinking)
  • Gregory Dargent H – Ni Le Soleil…
  • JS Bach Suite n°1 en sol majeur – Sarabande (par Anne Gastinel)
  • Garth Knox And The Saltarello Trio – Leonard_ The Book of Angels – Kmiel
  • Léonore Boulanger & Maam-Li Merati Avaz-e Bayat-e Tork (Mehrabani) (album La Maison d’amour)
  • Stravinsky_ The Firebird – Berceuse
  • SAVT – Vaslon (album – Birinci Hane )
  • Kaija Saariaho – 7 papillons mvt II (par Alexis Descharmes)
  • Fred Frith, Iva Bittová, Pavel Fajt – Morning Song