Regular Girl + Raoul Vignal & Théo Charaf + DJ set

En partenariat avec Nitebirds & Bigoût Records

In the spring of 2023, the Nite Birds label was born under the impetus of Cédric Béron alias Disque noir (sound engineer, composer, tour manager…) and Lyon-based artist Théo Charaf. Driven by the desire to showcase local FOLK artists!

At the end of April 2024, Nite Birds will release two albums, in partnership with Dangerhouse Skylab, Adieu Berthe and Bigoût Records. So they’re delighted to present this double release party at Le Périscope with :

The “Two Way Street” album by Théo Charaf and Raoul Vignal. On one side, England, ethereal Folk, the scalpel. On the other, America, ripped Blues, the hammer for a magnificent result.

And finally, Regular Girl’s first album, a voice that sometimes grabs you by the heart, sometimes by the skin of your back, and words that evoke deep sadness, untouched melancholy and heartbreaking farewells, while her melodies burst with haunting images of dusty wide-open spaces, endless trains and damp nights.

Two linked albums, which somehow come together…

DJ Jacky Banana will open the evening with her secret selecta.

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saturday 22 june 202421h00
Grande Scène
ticket office opening 20h00

Regular Girl

Someone once said of Regular Girl that if Chet Baker had had the chance to hear her play, he’d have fallen under her spell without a moment’s hesitation. A very peculiar image, when you think of what could unite this jazz monument with this ordinary girl. We’re entering the third decade of the 21st century, […]

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Théo Charaf et Raoul Vignal

« Duality and contrast rule the world. We wouldn’t know happiness without sadness, we wouldn’t be afraid of the dark without light. It’s all about balance. The albumTwo Way Street is no exception to the rule, once again bringing together Raoul Vignal and Théo Charaf. On one side, England, ethereal folk, the scalpel. On the other, […]

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