Thomas Tilly

Immersion: field recordings and electronics.

Thomas Tilly is a sound artist and composer of experimental music. His work focuses on field manipulations using microphones and acoustic analysis instruments. Developing a singular approach to phonography, influenced by biology, anthropology and sound measurement, his creations, broadcasts and installations open up a field of listening that goes beyond naturalistic presuppositions.

He regularly works on creation/research projects with INA GRM, GMEA (Albi), CNRS Guyane, the Centre d’Étude de la Biodiversité Amazonienne (Labex CEBA) and the Parc Amazonien de Guyane (PAG), and since 2022 has been artistic advisor to the Musée Résonnant project at the Musée du Quai Branly.

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Thomas Tilly

Thomas Tilly is a musician who uses the microphone and loudspeaker as his main instruments of creation. Centered on the study of the sound environment and its confrontation with the space in which it exists, his work borrows as much from experimental musical research as from scientific research. Listening remains central to his approach, to […]

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