Marcel Night Fever

Welcome to an evening of fanfare, as three brass bands from Lyon come together for an unforgettable celebration of music, joy and community!

For this Night Fever organized by Marcel Frontale, Super Smash Brass and Fat Ducks have accepted the invitation. On Saturday June 8 at 7.30pm at Le Périscope, these musical ensembles will captivate hearts and ignite spirits!

saturday 08 june 202419h30
Grande Scène
ticket office opening 18h30

Marcel Frontale

Marcel Frontale: Feminine name, from the Latin marcellus (home to the planet Mars) and the Greek frontalos (light on the forehead). Marcel Frontale is a fanfare musically yours of about twenty unbridled longshoremen who, brassy as it may be, has been rampant for a couple of years in Lyon, and wherever it is called for. […]

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Fat Ducks

The duck is the pinnacle of funk evolution in the entire animal kingdom on this planet. If you had any doubts about the validity of this phrase, the Fat Ducks will dispel them. Our musicians from Lyon, the founding city of funk, will introduce you to the real duck dance, and plunge you into the […]

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Super Smash Brass

Coming all the way from Lyon to delight your ears, Super Smash Brass brings together 12 musicians who are either fans of music or games (often both at the same time), and whose aim is to showcase a rich and varied repertoire from all video game horizons, from global hits to indie nuggets, from modern […]

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