Michel Chemin + Abschaum

En partenariat avec Descente Chromatique

In March 2023, the duo Michel Chemin released their eponymous debut EP on a specially-created cassette label, Descente Chromatique. 4 instrumental, cinematic tracks, conceived as the imaginary soundtrack to a dark drama à la Tchao Pantin or Série Noire.
Since then, the arrival of a keyboardist, the rewriting of these tracks for live performance and the composition of new titles have expanded their depth of field, and the trio now deploys on stage a narrative prog-rock as sophisticated as it is moving, intensely infused with the sounds of the 70s and 80s.

To open the ball, it’s none other than local legend Abschaum who will be making his solo return to Lyon to perform his new album “Quand viennent les serpents”, a sublime alchemy of folk, ambient and krautrock that seems to descend directly from the cosmos.

wednesday 26 june 202421h00
Le Péri
ticket office opening 20h00

Michel Chemin

Although it’s not really possible to pinpoint the exact date of birth of MICHEL CHEMIN, its two founders and long-time friends YAN FOUR and ANTOINE BOJ eventually recorded and released an eponymous 4-track EP in March 2023. Entirely DIY, it was released digitally and on cassette via the DESCENTE CHROMATIQUE label, created by Antoine for […]

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Abschaum revient en solo interpréter « Quand viennent les serpents », son nouvel album sorti en mars 2024 chez Macadam Mambo, où le folk croise l’ambient de la manière la plus magique, entouré de drones, de synthés atmosphériques et de lignes de guitare, ponctué de paroles et de parties de flûte, vaporisé dans la réverbération et les […]

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