JS Donny, Oto Ninski et Gargantua Grief

En partenariat avec Bamboo Show

Founded in 2009 and 2019 respectively by two sarcastic, melancholy anti-heroes (Florent Hadjinazarian aka HAJJ and Loïs Markarian aka Erevan DJ), the Dawn and Bamboo Shows labels are teaming up at the start of May to offer a mini-tour between Paris and Lyon, looking like a folk-rock, doom metal and contemporary club outlet.

Friday 3rd at Sample in Bagnolet, Wednesday 8th at Périscope in Lyon. Live performances to celebrate the more or less recent releases by Js Donny, Ronce and Gargantuan Grief, as well as upcoming releases by Oto Ninski and Reptilian Expo.

Opening the evening, DJ sets by the two Armenian maudits!

wednesday 08 may 202421h00
Le Péri

Js Donny

« When the flowers bloom again, they will be black. When the birds return, there will be only crows to populate the trees. When the sun rises this morning, it will illuminate the objects of this world in brilliant black, leaving shadows to cover the surface of the earth. It’s a ceremony of solitude, the moment […]

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Oto Ninski

Oto Ninski is an experimental musician based in Paris. Plural and raw in her practice due to her composite background, her explorations of contrasts and the spaces they reveal are rooted in noisy music and take many forms. Using a variety of sound sculpting techniques, from field recording to sound walls, she seeks vibratory and […]

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Gargantua Grief 

Their debut album « Songs For The Doom(ed) Generation » was released last year Dawn, while versions 1.5 and 2.0 are said to be in stores now. Oscillating between hardcore, doom metal, pop and idm, harsh noise and ambient, Gargantuan Grief mixes genres, and expresses its singularity through dystopian storytelling, imbued with a romantic, fatalistic dismay. After […]

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