R.A.P Ferreira + AJ Suede + G’S Us

Once again, the Panthers collective is pleased to welcome the most prolific MCs of their generation to Le Périscope.
On June 15, we welcome R.A.P Ferreira and AJ Suede, presenting their solo project, as well as their collaborative project, under the name G’S Us. Three sets, then, to play with the sincerity of words and the emotion of rhythms, and finally get everyone on the same wavelength.

On one side, R.A.P Ferreira, with his soft voice and spoken-word phrasing. On the other, Aj Suede, who raps without artifice and depends on his introspection and the world around him.
When they come together, they are G’s Us, a joint project from which the album “What Them Dogs Don’t Know They Know” was released at the end of 2023, produced by Steel Tipped Dove.

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Le Péri

R.A.P. Ferreira

R.A.P. Ferreira used to call himself Milo, and had already attracted critical attention. After wandering around the United States, the rapper settled in Maine and decided to use the predestined initials of his first names (R.A.P. for Rory Allen Philip) and his surname as his blaze. His lyrics are full of digressions and references, to […]

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AJ Suede

AJ Suede, Pennsylvania’s forest rapper, has once again given us the chance to hear his distinctive voice. One of his latest EPs -Opta Music- has been acclaimed by the critics, and on June 15 at Periscope, he’ll be defending his introspective rap, tinged with poetry and full of sincerity, a world away from pointless egotrips.

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