Js Donny

“When the flowers bloom again, they will be black. When the birds return, there will be only crows to populate the trees. When the sun rises this morning, it will illuminate the objects of this world in brilliant black, leaving shadows to cover the surface of the earth. It’s a ceremony of solitude, the moment when darkness emerges from the earth to lament evil. The world has no choice, at this moment, but to surrender to total blackness.”

Expect a particularly dark live show from Js Donny this spring, following on from his “BnN” EP released at the end of February on Bamboo Shows and Chrüsimüsi. A minimalist solo for electro-acoustic guitar and saturated vocals. A Death Folk ode, at the crossroads of a Lonely Ride and a vampiric existence, dangerously eternal.

An opportunity to empty your heart of everything that taints your soul.

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