Johann Mazé & Bertrand Fraysse 

I'm free : concert gratuit

Johann Mazé & Bertrand Fraysse, two free electrons of electronics & drums, will unite their creative energies on Thursday December 7 at Le Périscope to present their new project.
Rhythmic flats, synthetic stacks, augmented resonances, ancestral cries of the future, flights restored and taken up again, seated journeys, standing nights.

thursday 07 december 202319h00

Johann Mazé

Johann Mazé is a drummer, a percussionist and an electronics user. He plays in groups with France Sauvage, Lord Rectangle and solo. He has also been a member of the Cercle des Mallissimalistes, Chausse Trappe, La STPO, Brutal 10w, Ensemble Un and Nouvelles Impressions d’Afrique. In a solo concert, he uses a minimal drum kit […]

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Bertrand Fraysse

Once close to Boards of Canada and Keith Fullerton Whitman, under the name dUX, Bertrand Fraysse from Toulouse is now freeing himself from writing and turning to improvisation. A moment of reverie where acoustic and electronic collide: between learned and popular music, between electronic and acoustic, he is one of the rare musicians who can […]

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