Labyrinthe d’une ligne + Chant général

Release Party - Label ARFI

ARFI, Association à la Recherche d’un Folklore Imaginaire, continues to reinvent itself, influenced by the personalities and aesthetics dear to the artists of today’s collective. The ARFI label boasts a catalog of 80 albums, representing a claimed eclecticism in keeping with its history.

On January 26, the collective is proud to present a double Release Party at Le Périscope, where you can discover not one, but two new CDs: “Chant Général” and “Labyrinthe d’une ligne”, which reflect the diversity of ARFI and its musical news.

A surprising evening in prospect!

friday 26 january 202421h00
Le Péri

Chant général

ARFI unveils its new album, Chant Général, by Clémence Cognet, Olivier Bost and Clément Gibert, featuring fifteen tracks inspired by the fifteen songs of Pablo Neruda’s monumental work. Canto General », or General Song, an epic poem by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, is the inspiration for this repertoire. Each track on the album benefited from the […]

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Labyrinthe d'une ligne

The year 2024 will also see the creation of a vocal and electroacoustic repertoire, featuring two musician-acousticians and two female singers: Labyrinthe d’une ligne.Co-produced with Résonance Contemporaine, this project allows the group to experiment with new ways of interacting with audiences, and to pursue the sound research that is so dear to the collective: use […]

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