The Bridge #2.8

We’ve seen it a hundred times before. Two saxophones on each side, the framework of a double bass and drums. Here, everything is reversed, where and when Hunter Diamond, Florian Nastorg, Yoram Rosilio and Mikel Patrick Avery decide to do things differently.

What’s certain for me,” says Nastorg, “is that whatever I plan or expect, the music can be different. In improvisational contexts, whenever I expected music to go this way or that way, it always went another way. And that other direction has always been the right one. The music decides, we play it. It’s as if we were the tools that make it possible to listen to it.
A brotherhood born of an epic journey. We haven’t seen anything yet.

  • Hunter Diamond (tenor saxophone and others), Florian Nastorg (baritone saxophone and others), Yoramo Rosilio (double bass), Mikel Patrick Avery (drums)
tuesday 16 january 202421h00
Grande Scène